Application for MISA Benefit and Funeral Fund – Deceased Member

  • Subject to 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions
  • Source documentation to be submitted within 48 hours after registration of claim
  • Submit by way of e-mail, registered mail or by hand
  • Only fully completed applications will be processed
  • Making use of AVBOB (as a preferred service provider), funeral claims will be guaranteed subject to specified criteria


Compulsory Source Documentation

* Certification must be by a Commissioner of Oaths – submit original certified copies NOT OLDER THAN 3 MONTHS. (Certification to contain signatory’s: Signature, Full Names, Designation and/or area of appointment, Business Name, Business’ Physical Address and/or Contact Details and Date.)


  1. *Certified copy of claimant’s Identification Page of ID.
  2. *Certified copy of deceased member’s Identification
  3. *Certified copy of Marriage Certificate; or 5 below
  4. *Certified copy of Death Certificate
  5. In the absence of a Marriage Certificate, the following proof of relationship NOT OLDER THAN 3 MONTHS: *Affidavits from 3 of the deceased’s family members stating that you and the deceased were still living together as common-law-spouses at the time of death. In the following instances, one of the following source documents needs to be submitted alongside the 3 affidavits:
    • Domestic Partnership: Lease Agreement, joint property or household budget, beneficiary on retirement, dependant on medical aid scheme.
    • Customary Marriage: Traditional Certificate, Lobola Letter, dependant on medical aid scheme.
  6. In the event of a child, the following proof of parenthood is required:
  • Unabridged birth certificate containing both biological parents’ details. (*certified copy NOT OLDER THAN 3 MONTHS)
  • In the absence of an unabridged birth certificate, one or more of the following   source document(s) need to accompany the application as proof of parenthood: (*certified copies NOT OLDER THAN 3 MONTHS)
  • Abridged birth certificate indicating the mother’s details together with marriage certificate
  • Medical Aid Card indicating that child is on medical aid
  • Certificate from religious institution/person e.g. Chief Traditional Leader, Hospital
  • 3 x Affidavits from non-direct family members stating parenthood
  • Paternity/maternity tests
  • DNA kinship tests
  1. Bank Stamped Proof of Banking Details


    Deceased Member's Details

    Claimant's Details

    Deceased Member's Employer Details


    I, solemnly declare that the particulars detailed above are true and correct.