• When we act with other women, we are more powerful than acting alone;
  • Through MISA the views of women workers can be addressed collectively with employers;
  • Women (like men) also need the assistance of MISA when treated unfairly by employers. It is not always necessary to create a war and in many instances intervention through social dialogue is sufficient to resolve unfair treatment at the workplace;
  • In belonging to MISA, women are able to provide their valuable input in negotiations for betterpay and working conditions;
  • Through MISA women can identify and put an end to policies and practices in areas such as training and job evaluations, which discriminate against women;
  • MISA can collectively negotiate with employers for improved health and safety conditions at work and maternity protection;
  • MISA teaches women about workers’ rights and women’s rights;’
  • MISA is also affiliated with other organizations to promote women in the community, on government level and internationally;
  • Being a credible and strong union, MISA can address women’s priority concerns with employers, and to endorse MISA’s credibility, we demonstrate that gender equality is an integral part of MISA’s policies and structures;

Through MISA women invest in skills, knowledge and lifelong learning. We are the vanguard of basic workers’ rights and carry the obligatory responsibility to adequately protect and promote the interests of women in the workplace.